NEMA 12 Pre-Configured Micro Data Center

Panduit's NEMA 12 Pre-Configured Micro Data Center (MDC)

A quick and easy way to deploy servers in a plant-floor environment to protect against dust and water.

A micro data center or MDC is a versatile combination of hardware, software and cabling that serves as an end-to-end networking hub, sized to serve the demands of a manufacturing environment. Panduit's pre-configured MDCs are designed and validated to allow a physical layout that facilitates deployment of best-in-class logical network architectures. 82" Micro Data Center (Full Rack) The 42 RU NEMA MDC is designed to protect active hardware and enable up to 200 devices within the manufacturing floor. It is designed to house switches, firewalls, storage, servers, and UPS equipment.

Spec Sheet:

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