Could you Modernize if you Wanted to? - Network Assessment is Step One


Your network is critical to your existing operation and process. It’s your data, your security and your ability to grow and expand your processes. Over time your network has been added to, forgotten or changed, by you, your IT, contractors and others. Does everyone that needs to know understand where it’s at today? Are you ready to get where you want to be?

IF YOU ANSWER THE SAME AS ANY OF THE FOLLOWING.. A Network Assessment is your next step!

  • Are you experiencing performance issues?  YES
  • Is part of your network causing plant outages?   YES
  • Does your plant push data to management systems?  NO
  • Have you documented network plans and policies?   NO
  • Is your network future proof: Could you add 500 IP addresses to the network today?  NO

DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE: /_resources/dyn/files/76375244z77bcf251/_fn/AIMM-NetworkAssessment-Trifold-2018.pdf

What we assess?

  • Network Physical Infrastructure
  • Network Logical Information
  • Industrial Security and Safety

What we deliver?

  • Itemized list and layout (Visio) of physical network topology and switches
  • Written review of Topology with recommended actions
  • Written review of the safety and security of the existing network with recommended actions
  • Recommendations on Security adjustments
  • Recommendations on Infrastructure

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